Raid failed with invalid drive or lost raid configuration

Below I wrote it in English because I think most people using raid are oversea.


Ok, lets start it.


I use Raid for many years since I lost data one day.


Many years ago, I didnt know raid. just burn my datas into disk for backup. One day, I found raid. it automatically syn datas into another HD.

It sounds greate news for me. I am the person like to keep history..... has been couple years that I can keep my pc running. Friends are curious how I can keep logs so many years.

One day, bad thing coming, PC promts no disk or no system.....

I was is raid..yeah..datas should be there...

I search online. many users are same as me losing raid configuration then have no idea how to recover datas. but they dont give a good solution.

What I did was just delete the raid set then create new one same as previous. Right, go ahead, dont worry.

Then recover them by Finaldata software. Finaldata recovers all of my files. then I re-install system.



Even though it is terrible job, I still am happy that datas are still there.


Many years later....I am more and more busy. I can not wait that long to recover my datas. I think, I couldnt be outdate. people should have better way to recover datas.

Actually, I am outdated...haha...

This time, I have better way to restore my datas.

It is simple.

once you found your raid configuration is lost. it is simply just lost partion information. Because raid is just writing something on your hardisk let raid card knowing your HD. I guess so..That is raid 1 set. I had two HD. So I donot afraid to have a try on one disk. So, just attach one disk ,delete its raid, recreate new raid as regulare hard disk.

Then,I use "yi wo" partion recover software( I guesss many partition softwarea can do this).  It is simple, right? everything comes back! reminder: yi wo software is Chinese paid software. It is cheap price for foreign people.But I dont recommend ifyou have 3rd software rather than this.

Now..I dont like raid...because it is failled, you should spend more work on it. I prefer automatically backup softwares.


Hope this post helps you. Please leave message if you get help from this post.






Re:Raid failed with invalid drive or los

This has made my day. I wish all pisotngs were this good.

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